Who we are?


We are an international group of investors under the leadership of Frederic Planquart from Switzerland and specialists from gambling games under the leadership of Ray Williams from the UK. Our instruments are designed to enable investors to achieve stable investment growth in real time.


How big investment increase can be achieved in profitshunter.com?


On our website you can increase invested Bitcoin capital by more than +100% in the short time. But usually your capital will grow 2-10% a day


Why on profitshunter.com is so easy to win?


On profitshunter.com is so easy to win, because the capital obtained from our website is invested in other sectors of business where we reach +200% or even +300% of the profits. That's why paying you 30-100% from invested amount is beneficial for us.


How many time withdrawal takes?


After the completed investments the money is payed out immediately. A maximum of 48H from the date of the ordered withdrawal


We are very glad to cooperate with you!