Learn how your profit is generated


PROFITShunter brings great fun and high profits


Thanks to appropriate selection of profit granting options and risk optimalisation YOU CAN ACHIEVE UNCOMPARABLY HIGHER PROFITS THAN IN ANY OTHER INSTITUTION, MARKET OR SYSTEM. The system makes fast gaining profit possible.  


Investing on PROFITShunter.com is simple!


In order to invest on our platform you do not need to have any knowledge on markets, making investments or economy. You do not have to read special magazines and use costly investment advisers.

All the charts, calculations and results are generated automatically, and profits are added to your wallet the same way.

An investor on our platform can be an office worker, a clerk or a doctor as well as a shop assistant, builder or truck driver. Educational background, level of knowledge or experience are irrelevant.


Most of the fields grant profit


Do you know any investment platform, stock exchange, securities, lotteries, games where most of your actions result in gaining profit? Where can we find 16 options out of which 13 stand for profit? Where profits are paid into your account every 15 seconds?


PROFITShunter.com includes investment tools in which most of the options grant profits!!!!!!!!


Obviously, depending on the risk and profitability levels we have also fields generating losses. However, they can be avoided.


Equal rules regulating profit granting


Each investor is subject to the same rules irrespectively of the invested amount.

Our platform favors neither big financial sharks nor reach corporations. Everyone has equal chances for success and big investors do not affect chances of the small ones. Profits are partially based on probability affected by your decisions and strategies. Decisions usually concern profitability and risk levels and upon some sessions, moment of leaving the session.   



Investment structure


You invest capital and each investment involves 1 session. If you do not have enough time or want to stop your can do it whenever you wish between sessions.

Your funds will stay safe. Thus, you will be able to complete the investment at any time convenient to you. 


Full discretion in selecting instruments and risk optimizing


On each session you have full discretion in selecting profit generating instruments. Each instrument involves different level of profitability and risk or different rules of profit granting. You can implement your own strategy here and decide whether you earn more at higher risk level or earn steadily but safely.


Turbo profit effect


In each next session you play with the amount resulting from your previous session. Profits’ values options for the next session are updated according to calculations based on the amount with which you completed your previous session. 

An example:

You invested 100 euros in session no. 1 and completed it with the result of 150 euros. In session no. 2 profits are calculated as an interest from the amount of 150 euros, so proportionately higher than in session no. 1! As a result of that capitalization, turbo profit effect occurs.


Double profit system


It concerns Invest Pro Insurance – before setting the base amount for profits calculations you draw a bonus and a commission. It takes place when base amount for profit calculation is set-up. As far as bonuses are concerned the base amount grows and profits at particular risk level are calculated on the basis of the increased amount.   


Insurance cover


It concern Invest Pro Insurance – you can draw insurance against losses!

It is a one-off insurance used in a particular session.

In the case of drawing the loss, insurance keeps your resources untouched in the wallet and you can continue aiming at profits. 


Multiple consecutive profit granting


A characteristic feature of the probability theory is a phenomenon that sometimes one option is drawn many times in a raw. Drawing many times the same profit option avoiding losses is possible. Accordingly, in the case of 16 fields of which, for ex. 13 grant profits and 3 generate losses, profits can be drawn even 32 times without any loss.