Privacy policy of portal


  1. Fully respecting your rights and the Act on the Protection of Personal Data we undertake to keep all the collected personal data safe and confidential. All employees of the portal have been appropriately trained in personal data processing.
  2. The administrator of personal data is: Global Creative Ltd. registered in Seychelles under registration no. 170805
  3. There is the following data gathered on our portal:
  4. a. Email address – we send account activating links, information on started and completed investments via email
  5. b. IP address – information resulting from general rules of the Internet connections accomplished such as IP address (and other information included in the system logos) are used by the server administrator for technical purposes. IP addresses can be used for statistical purposes – for general demographic information collecting (e.g. about a region, where the connection is established).    
  6. Cookies – our portal uses Cookies technology in order to adjust the service to your individual needs. You may consent to save all the given data in order to avoid rewriting them on your next visit on the service. Owners of other websites will not access your data. If you do not agree to service personalization we suggest switching off cookies operation in browser’s settings.
  7. Cookies – our portal uses Cookies technology in order to adjust Google Analytics – movement on the service’s pages is monitored by Google Analytics. The aim is to gather data about the way of use and popularity of our pages. Using service’s pages you agree to make your data available for analysis carried out by Google Analytics for abovementioned purposes and compliant with the Google Analytics statute.
  8. Abovementioned data submission is necessary in the following cases:
  9. Registration in the users’ database (concerns mainly an e-mail address)
  10. Filling in a form in the “User’s profile” used to transfer cash to the user’s bank account
  11. We do not make the abovementioned data available to anyone and it is used only for proper use of our website. Personal data gathered by is not transferred, sold or made available to any third parties and it is used only for implementation of commitments toward Users such as making cash payments or the normal User operation.
  12. We do not store any confidential data such as your credit cards numbers or access data to your bank account and your BTC wallet number.
  13. Each User of our service can decide whether and to what extent he/she wants to use our services and give his/her personal details. If for any reason you do not want to give your personal data you have right to delete them or not to use our service.   
  14. You are fully entitled to correct, complete, update, rectify and demand deletion of your personal data. For that purpose, use appropriate tabs of the Internet service or email us on [email protected].