The Statute of the Portal


General Terms and Conditions

§ 1

  1. The service enables its Users to participate in online investements hereinaftercalled the Investments.
  2. “” service, hereinafter called the Service, run by Global Creative Ltd. registered in Republic of Seychelles under register number 170805.


Terms and Conditions of Participation

§ 2

  1. Before using Investments offered by the Service, registration by filling in an online registration form and acceptance of the Statute is required.
  2. The abovementioned registration involves providing data marked in the registration form as required data and sending the form by clicking “Create an account”.
  3. Visitors making registration bear unlimited liability for possible consequences of filling in the form with false, inaccurate or incomplete in any other way data.

§ 3

1. Of the abovementioned registration visitor making registration, hereinafter called the User, is entitled to use, on conditions defined above, payable Investments.

§ 4

  1. Each User is entitled to pay money into the User’s Account. The User is entitled to access information about the User’s Account including: amount of collected money and report from Investments made within a year.
  2. The balance on the User’s Account is given in BTC (Bitcoin) which is a base currency represented by all values displayed on the Service.
  3. The User can optionally choose one out of four following currencies in which values displayed on the Service will be given: EUR, USD, GBP, mBTC, BTC, however, their value will always be based on the values of BTC pursuant to current exchange rate off SELL BTC Currency Exchange
  4. Money can be paid into the User’s Account directly from the User’s BTC wallet individually assigned to the User’s Account on the Service, or by purchasing BTC in an online currency exchange and designate an individually assigned to the User’s Account BTC wallet as a target wallet.
  5. The User shall bear all costs of paying money into the User’s Account and their withdrawal from the User’s Account. Money can be withdrawn exclusively on terms and condition herein. An Operator of the Service assures fees for withdrawing money from the User’s Account no higher than:
    1. BTC amount equivalent to 30 Euros pursuant to the current exchange rate on SELL BTC – in the case of withdrawing money after completion of 1 investment,
    2. BTC amount equivalent to 20 Euros pursuant to the current exchange rate on SELL BTC – in the case of withdrawing money after completion of 2 investments,
    3. 0 BTC amount – in the case of withdrawing money after completion of minimum 3 investments.

§ 5

1. Participation in the Investment requires owning amount equivalent to at least the amount defined by the User as the “Investment amount”.

§ 6

  1. The Service offers 3 types of investment tools different from one another with respect to the way of gaining profits and profitability and risk levels.
  2. The User can check every instrument and games rules through the use the option free version of tools  by clicking “Invest Free” bottom near particular instrument.
  3. The User can enter into the Investment by clicking “Invest” bottom near particular instrument.
  4. Since an investment amount is entered and „Start” bottom clicked, an amount equivalent to the amount defined by the User as an investment amount is blocked by an Operator of the Service until the investment is fully completed.
  5. A stake in each Investment cannot be lower than BTC amount 0.005 and higher than BTC amount 0.5.
  6. If the User completes session with the amount lower than BTC amount 0.002 BTC, the Investment shall be automatically completed and all money resulting from the Investment shall be transferred to the User’s Account.
  7. The User can participate in many Investments simultaneously.

§ 7

  1. Detailed rules of the instruments’ functioning are included in “Rules of the Invest PRO Insurance instrument functioning” and “Rules of the Invest PRO Free Choice instrument functioning”
  2. Entering into Investment, the User accepts the rules of functioning of the instruments and undertakes to respect them.
  3. Participation in the Investment involves taking consecutive actions by each User (investment participant) in accordance with the rules of the instruments.
  4. In the case of disruption of the Investment or its interference due to the server or software failure which the Operator of the Service uses, the Investment shall be deemed uncompleted and it shall be possible to continue and complete it after the correction of interference or recover from a system failure.
  5. Information about uncompleted investments shall be displayed on next logging into the Server.
  6. In the case of disruption of the Investment or its interference due to the server or software failure which the Operator of the Service uses, and no possibility to retrieve last updated state of the investment after eliminating abovementioned interference or failure, the Operator shall pay the User back the amount with which the User started the Investment.
  7. The Users waive rights to any possible claims against the Operator of the Service related to deeming the Investment uncompleted due to the abovementioned reasons.
  8. Each User bears liability for keeping his/her equipment, software and connections used for participating in Investments operable. The User accepts a fact that temporal or permanent inability to participate in Investment, especially arising from the equipment, software or connection failure which the User uses may result in the lack of the possibility to complete the Investment.
  9. Interfering in software of the Service and software of the game is strictly forbidden.


Results and the structure of the Investment

§ 8

  1. Result, i.e. profits and losses, features of the game configuration and commissions for exiting session shown in Investments made by means of instruments included in the Service are generated at complete random, according to equal and standardized rules of probability and randomness.
  2. A tool for displaying and presenting results generated by random choice is a lottery wheel.
  3. The lottery wheel constitutes only a visualization of the lottery process and any noted interference in steering of the wheel do not affect generated lottery result at all as well as equality and standardization of probability and randomness rules.
  4. After completion of the investment, money collected in „Your Wallet” shall be immediately transferred to the “User’s Account”.
  5. Every investment includes 1 sessions. 
  6. Every session the investment tools is changed. 
  7. Every session is started from the amount which was the amount of endnig former session
  8. Every next session can be started after time displayed in my account. 
  9. After every deposit, User is obliged to perform a minimum of 0 investments to withdraw.


§ 9

  1. The User is entitled to reclaim a part or all money collected on his/her “User’s Account”, provided that he made at least 1 investment from the last deposit and the withdrawn amount is no less than 0.006 BTC
  2. Reclaiming abovementioned money can be done only by correct and complete filling in (by the User) a form “Money Withdrawal”, located in “My Account” panel appearing after logging in and clicking “Withdrawal” or “Money Withdrawal”, hereinafter called a “Return Form”.
  3. The reclaim is deemed completed of the registration and after the computer system of the Service Operator receives correctly and completely filled in Return Form.
  4. The Service Operator undertakes to exercise due diligence in order to keep computer system used by the Service Operator operation continuous and enabling its Users to fill in and send “Return Form”. The Service Operator do not bear liability for lack of the possibility for filling in and sending “Return Form” by the User, independently from reasons behind lack of the possibility, in the case when lack of possibility do not exceed 24 hours.
  5. The money is returned within 2 days of the date of the reclaim submission. The money is returned by the Operator via transfer of Bitcoins to a BCT wallet defined by the User as a target wallet given in the “Payment Address” section. The moment of transfer of Bitcoins to a BTC wallet is deemed the moment of the return, irrespectively from the waiting time for appropriate number of confirmations from the BTC network.
  6. The Service Operator shall deduct from the returned amount costs of the return and possible taxes or other public and legal charges imposed.
  7. The User is not entitled to both interest rates and other considerations or a fee for time of deposing money on the User’s Account.


The Games History

 § 10

Of the moment of registration on the Service, mentioned in § 2 herein, the User consents to data including previous and current courses and results of all Investments which the User has been involved in, the Investments’ amounts declared, and Gains and Losses, being processed and archived by the Service Operator as well as to the abovementioned data being posted the way which enables all the other Users and visitors of the website of the Service to access them. The abovementioned information shall be disclosed along with a nick (login) under which the User has registered on the Service, neither first nor last names of the Users are disclosed, unless they are included in the nick.   

Technical Requirements

§ 11

  1. Cooperation with a computerized system used by the Service Operator requires at least as follows: reliable Internet connection, browser enabling to view HTML files on the computer’s monitor (or another device), Internet Explorer 9.0. or above browser or a browser based on Mozilla 38.0. or above engine, or Chrome 43.0 browser or above (Chrome is recommended), Processor: 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) 1 GHz or faster, RAM: 1GB (32-bit system) or 2 GB (64-bit system), Graphics card designed to work with DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 driver or above, Monitor resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels or higher.
  2. The User declares awareness of special hazards related to the use of an online services. It includes risks arising from the use of services without protection specified in the User’s browser’s specification in particular. It especially concerns mechanisms extending browsers’ options with functions beyond HTML standard. In the case of faulty configuration of the browser’s protection, it is possible to capture data transferred from and to the www server. Moreover, using Services rendered via www network requires making basic information about the User’s computer available, such as: IP address, domain, address of the last visited page (webpage through which the User connected a particular Service by selecting appropriate reference link), your browser and operating system, etc..


Applicable law. Complaints.

§ 12

  1. Legal relation between the User and the Service Operator is subject to provisions of law of Republic of Seychelles.
  2. Possible complaints can be made in writing and are processed by the Service Operator which replays in writing or via electronic mail.


Suspension of the Service operation

§ 13

1. The Operator is entitled to temporal suspension of the Service operation, especially in the case of commission or suspicion of any external interference in the service software, the game software, hackers activity or any situation affecting safety of money deposited on the Users’ accounts. Suspension of the Service operation does not prevent the Users from withdrawing money collected on their accounts.  


Removal of the User

§ 14

  1. Independently of the abovementioned case, the Service Operator shall have the right to terminate the Agreement, with immediate effect, with the User who is reasonably suspected of interference or willingness to interfere the Service software or any Game, or breached or tried to breach the Game’s rules or the Statute.
  2. Termination of the Agreement comes into effect by submission by the Service Operator of an appropriate declaration via e-mail and removal of the User from the Service. 

Accessing, Viewing and Saving the Statute

§ 15

  1. The Statute can be downloaded (accessed) from the Operator Service in the form of a pdf file and saved on the User’s disc. The Statute can also be viewed directly on the www website of the Service, i.e. on
  2. Access to the Statute and sharing it with third parties interested in becoming a User is free in the way enabling the receiver to access, view and save its content.

Contact with the Service Operator

§ 16

  1. Each User can contact the Service Operator via e-mail on [email protected]
  2. An e-mail shall include at least information on login of the User in order to identify it.