About Bitcoin


Bitcoin is an innovative currency of the Internet.

  1. Easy to buy and sell
  2. Payments in Bitcoins are completely anonymous
  3. The safest currency in the World


Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, i.e. with no central issuing body, independent of banks, governments and public institutions.  

It is a universal currency, available in every place with the Internet access (or mobile broadband). Bitcoin is a currency which can be transferred in a flash to any part on the globe skipping banks and financial intermediaries. Thus, it is free from costly commissions, limits and restrictions.

Bitcoin is a currency based on mathematics and cryptography which ensures it a status of the safest currency in the World impossible to reprint artificially, block or copy.   

If basic safety measures are applied, your Bitcoins cannon be seized in by any authority (e.g. a government, a bank, a judicial officer, a spouse upon divorce). Thus, bitcoin assures you 100% warranty of ownership of your money. Bitcoin is a limited currency as to number. Since there may be only 21 billion bitcoins issued, it is not subject to inflation. It is divisible by up to 8 decimals, so you do not have to worry about if you are able to buy bread with bitcoins when its value reaches top level.        

Bitcoin is also anonymous currency, all the transactions of the bitcoin net are open, however, the parties remain undisclosed.

Major advantages of using Bitcoin

  1. Immediate transactions to any place in the World. No more waiting taking a few days until cash transfer is completed, for example in China or the USA.
  2. Very low or even any commissions. You can voluntarily pay a fee for transfer, supporting miners thanks to which the net exists.
  3. Anonymity of transaction. Your bitcoin address is completely anonymous and possible to change on each transfer.
  4. No intermediaries upon transfers. Cash is transferred directly to the receiver skipping banks and other financial institutions.
  5. The number of coins is limited. Printing more coins than their maximum number is not possible. Thus, bitcoin is much more resistant to inflation than traditional currencies.
  6. No one can block your account. System operates in p2p net, so there is no owner or administrator.
  7. It is very simple to use. Transferring money is faster and less complicated than in the case of bank transfers.
  8. Transactions cannot be withdrawn. If someone pays you for goods you have 100% guarantee that he/she cannot withdraw from the transaction which is possible in banks or popular e-payment systems.
  9. If necessary safety measures are applied and the wallet is encrypted, the risk level is insignificant.
  10. Great convenience. Right after the client’s software installation you can use bitcoins without the need of registration, creation of an account and unnecessary bureaucracy. It is very simple. Check it out yourself!