Why is it worth investing in ProfitsHunter?


1. Bank deposit – profit estimated at 1-3% per year

  1. At low interest rates the profit is even lower
  2. Low profit
  3. Long waiting period
  4. In the case of use of cash you are deprived of the profit made


2. Bonds – profit estimated at 2-5% per year

  1. The bankruptcy risk
  2. Long waiting period


3. Stock exchange – profit estimated at 5-30% per year

  1. Very high risk of partial or complete loss of savings
  2. No influence on what happens on the stock exchange resulting in no control over your profit
  3. The share prices and indices controlled by corporations and big players who control trends on a stock exchange and have an influence on indices
  4. It is hard to predict whether shares go up or down, globalization, significance of company’s results is becoming lesser while unpredictible world and economic events are gaining in significance.


4. Profitshunter.com. – profits estimated at up to 2 - 10% daily

  1. Clear rules of granting profits
  2. Result completely independent of global situation, markets’ condition, corporations’ actions and market sharks’ activity
  3. Total independence of governments and economic situations
  4. Full freedom to choose profit generating instrument
  5. No fees for paying money in and taking them out
  6. Insurance against bankruptcy option
  7. Profits are always calculated proportionately to the invested amount, the more you invest the higher profit you achieve
  8. The investment amount is capitalized every session